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Claim: Pins, needles, and razor blades have been found in trickortreaters loot. Claim: Police have documented cases of people randomly distributing poisoned goodies to children on Halloween. WAKEMAN, Ohio Police in Ohio are warning parents to check their children's Halloween candy very carefully after discovering suspicious Lemonheads candy handed out during TrickorTreating. You may also be wondering: Why did a child almost consume tampered with Halloween candy two days before Halloween?

Ohio is one of several states that celebrates Halloween trickortreating, or Beggar's Night, on the Thursday before Halloween.

Mommy News Controversial. A police department in Ohio is warning parents to keep an eye out for tampered Halloween candy after a few children found suspicious looking Lemonheads in their candy bags. Nov 01, 2012 ASHTABULA COUNTY, OH A case involving the alleged tampering of Halloween candy will be sent to the Bartholomew County Prosecutor's Office early next week. Halloween Candy (2012) October (8) September (8) August (11) July Oct 30, 2015 Kid Bites Into Halloween Candy, Finds Razor Blade Not all Halloween candy is as sweet as it looks.

though he adds the candy bar's packaging had been tampered with and other items the kids The stories of evil strangers tainting Halloween candy and apples with poison, glass and razor blades have prevailed for several decades. How often does Halloween candy tampering really happen? by Stephanie Watson NEXT Although there have been a few reports of candy tampering Nov 02, 2015 Police in Minnesota also are investigating after a woman reported finding a needle in her child's Halloween candy.

No one was hurt in northeast Ohio when a small metal object was found in a Baby

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