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Oct 27, 2013 This is a video Dr tony nobles halloween approximately 1998 demonstrating Tony Nobles invention for aortic anastomosis during coronary bypass. Prof Anthony Nobles Baladi Inverter with Dr William Cohn The latest Tweets from Anthony Nobles (@professornobles).

Chairman of The Board& Chief Executive Officer of Nobles Medical Technology II, Inc Tony Nobles commented about a homeless person walking up to their porch and a second incident where a homeless woman attempted to walk into their house. Lt. Scott Winks recommended calling the incidents in. Dr. Tony Nobles is the creator of the Wizard of Ozthemed Halloween party at the Sunset Beach Community Center.

(SCOTT SMELTZER, HB Independent) The Sunset Beach Halloween event scheduled for the Sunset Beach Community Lot will feature a Wizard of Oz theme, planned by Dr. Tony Nobles. Show Caption of Giant Wizard of Ozthemed props are set up at the Sunset Community Lot for the Sunset Beach Halloween event this week.

For years the event has been hosted at the Fountain Valley residence of Dr. Tony Nobles until a fire destroyed his home earlier this year. fv. halloween LEONARD ORTIZ, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Oct 03, 2014  Tony Nobles is a medical inventor and basically rich guy who throws a huge bash every October on his own dime turning his street into a Halloween wonderland.

He gets some help Here some students from Golden West College help Dr. Anthony Nobles create his Halloween magic. This year Dr. Tony plans a superhero Dr. Tony Nobles is the creator of the Wizard of Ozthemed Halloween party at the Sunset Beach Community Center. It had been floating around in Tony Nobles mind that maybe he shouldnt put on his legendary Halloween extravaganza this year.

The Sunset Beach LCP meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7: 30 pm at the Sunset Beach Nobles Family Community Center. Meetings are open to residents and the public. Meetings are cancelled if there are no plans to review. The meeting agenda is posted at the Sunset Beach Post Office seven days in advance of each meeting. 48 thoughts on The Invention of Professor Dr. Anthony Nobles Patrick on September 17, I have worked for tony on building his halloween town before and to me he was always friendly and generous toward everyone and always treated people he came in contact with fairly.

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