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Two Yale professors have resigned after protests condemning the wife's comments that students should be free to push boundaries with Halloween costumes. Faculty member Erika Christakis, who runs Many at Yale maintain that my email prompted widespread and civil conversation, and that the ensuing controversy was just a matter of competing expressions of free speech.

Just after midnight on Friday, October 30, Erika Christakis sent an email to the Silliman community in response to the Intercultural Affairs Committees Halloween email. Christakis explained that she and her husband Nicholas had heard from a number of students who were frustrated by the committees email.

Dec 08, 2015  Ms. Christakiss email, combined with an overheard white girls only remark at a fraternity party, helped touch off protests over racial insensitivity at Yale, as well as a debate over Nov 09, 2015  In an email sent to the student body on Thursday, Mr.

Holloway said that he was fully in support of the request that Yale students avoid culturally insensitive Halloween costumes and that he Yale University students gathered to protest Nov. 5 2015, over faculty members' emails regarding culturally sensitive Halloween costumes. One student confronted Nicholas Christakis, the master of Email From Erika Christakis: Dressing Yourselves, email to Silliman College (Yale) Students on Halloween Costumes (Yale) Students on Halloween Costumes.

By FIRE October 30, 2015 Dear Sillimanders: Nicholas and I have heard from a number of students who were frustrated by the mass email sent to the student body about In response, Erika Christakis, the associate master of Silliman College, a residential college (dorm) at Yale, wrote the following email and later tweeted a link to the text.

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