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" Its not merely a cheap trick. This production has a fairly consistent narrative and the way it evokes dread is more psychologically perceptive than most shows on Broadway. " Its the freakiest time of year and we couldnt be more excited to scream our guts out at one of the scariest haunted houses NYC has to offer. house in NYC). Haunted houses may pack plenty Blackout Haunted House54 West 39th StreetNew York, NY No two experiences are alike at Blackout Haunted House (formerly NYC Halloween Haunted House), so we have two walkthrough accounts for you.

The first walkthrough is my experience and the second is written by S. The Rules YOU MUST WALK THROUGH ALONE. You must be over Oct 18, 2010  I'm kind of proud of myself this year. I set a goal for myself to go to all 3 major NYC Haunted Houses. First was Nightmare: Superstitions which was cleverly fun, next up was Blood Manor which always thrilled me with their highly detailed sets and finally I had to go to the one haunted house that I didn't go to last year.

Josh Randall 5 reviews of Haunted House" SO I know im a hard person to scare. I did not get scared in this, BUT i had a very fun time! ! Vortex Theater's Halloween Haunted House by Josh R. Vortex Theater's Halloween Haunted House by This Halloween, NYC has a new haunted house.

Get ready for something different, something truly terrifying. From the creators of A Midsummer Nightmare comes NYC's newest, cheapest, and scariest haunted house attraction, Haunted House, presented by the Vortex Theater Company. Nov 02, 2010 (formerly NYC Halloween Haunted House) Read my full review of Vortex Theater's NYC Halloween Haunted House! Also check out Vortex Theater's NYC Halloween Haunted House 2011 Spring Edition! Any questions? Comments? Let me know or you can leave them on the jaded viewer Facebook page or tweet me @jadedviewer.

Blood Manor is New York City's Premier Haunted Attraction. Blood Manor is a terrifying haunted house in New York City! Get pushed to your limits!

Nationally reknowned for its extreme images and scares and featured as one of 2007's Scariest Haunted Houses on the Travel channel The NYC Halloween Haunted House was a yearround haunted attraction in New York City. Opened in 2009, the haunted house was designed exclusively for adults 18 and over, and each patron is forced to sign a waiver and walk through the entire experience completely alone. NYC Halloween Haunted House is certainly not for everyone, but those looking for a concentrated Halloween adrenaline rush will find this more than fits the bill.

Keep an eye on their website for information about their invitation only Midsummer Nightmare in June 2011 and for next Octobers Oct 22, 2010  In terms of design and production, the Vortexs NYC Halloween Haunted House from the creators Joshua Randall and Kristjan Thor (he staged the imaginative downtown drama Artifacts of

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