How to make halloween treats pretzel sticks

Pretzel sticks; Halloween pencils; Purple ribbon; Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year for kids.

But, the days become sugar filled quickly. Thats why we decided to make something that was still fun and festive, yet, without all of the sugar. Oh and dont worry, these pencils dont contain led. Find and save ideas about Halloween pretzels on Pinterest. See more ideas about Halloween snacks, Easy halloween snacks and Diy halloween desserts.

Make this kidfriendly dessert as a party activity. Give each child a chocolatedipped pretzel to decorate with the sprinkles and melted I found this idea for Chocolate Covered Pretzels Monsters Halloween Treat in a Everyday Food magazine several years ago. It was an advertisement for Snyders pretzels and I could not resist. If you have been following my blog, especially during holidays, I think you have realized my attraction to the salty sweet combination of chocolate and pretzels.

How to Make Pretzel Bones for Halloween Treats Found a fun recipe on Epicurious for" Funny Bones. " I was looking for some treats to decorate a Halloween cake for a friend's birthday. How to make Frankenstein Pretzels for Halloween Pretzel Dipping Sticks are longer and thicker than traditional pretzel sticks and shorter and thinner than the pretzel logs. They are the perfect size to all sorts of candy coated treats.

In a microwave, melt baking chocolate; stir until smooth. Dip each pretzel halfway into chocolate allowing excess to drip off. Place on waxed paper; let stand until set. In a microwave, melt candy coating disks; stir until Oct 25, 2012  Repeat with more of the same colour or use a different one to mix things up. (one full bag of candy melts should cover one bag of pretzel sticks) Serve with a big old sweet and salty smile! Whats really cool about these is you can mix it up and personalize them.

Make the Fingernails. Use a small foodsafe paintbrush to paint the top of each almond with black gel food coloring. (Wear foodsafe gloves if you want to avoid getting your fingertips dyed black as well. ) Set aside on waxed paper or parchment paper to dry while you prepare the rest of the recipe. Make the Fingers. Break or cut each pretzel rod in Aug 30, 2014  Witch's Broomstick Snacks are an easy Halloween treat that both kids and adults are sure to gobble up.

Course: Appetizer, Snack Witch's Broomstick Snacks Easy Halloween Party Snacks. Amount Per Serving Calories 57 Calories from Fat 36 I am wondering if the cheese will make the pretzel sticks too soft by Salty pretzels meet melted white chocolate in a Halloweeninspired treat even grownup goblins can like.

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