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Watch Community Season 4, Episode 2 Paranormal Parentage: Community celebrates Valentine's Day with a Halloween (Valoween) episode filled with costumes, a haunted mansion and ple Created with clips from the quirky NBC comedys memorable Halloween installments, The Community Horror Picture Show is a TNT has a Halloweenseason treat for Community season 4 episode 2 review: Paranormal Parentage. It's an outofseason Halloween episode from Community this week, but how does it measure up to previous outings?

in the Community Community season 4: is it worth watching? But the Community mantra of six seasons and a movie has powered it to a sixth season online, with Yahoo! 'Community' Season 4 Spoilers: A Dancing Guest Star, Plus Hints on Troy and Abed's Halloween Costume Oct 09, 2012  Ranking the Community Halloween Episodes October 9, 2012 I was planning to save this discussion until after this years Community Halloween episode aired, but this morning NBC postponed the season four premiere of Community Paranormal Parentage You have got to be kidding me!

What in the ScoobyDoo is happening to you people? ! calling them" possibly the best of any of Community's Halloween episodes. " The scheduled was shifted to accommodate a closer air date to Halloween, but the entire season was put on hold from its October 19 premiere and It may be snowy winter for some of us, but at Greendale Community College, Halloween is almost here! The comedy series premiered last night with an episode that was originally slated to air in mid

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