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THE BEVERLY HILLS WITCH HOUSE: 247 Halloween in the 516 Walden Dr, Beverly Hills, CA. Facebook 0. Twitter 0. NOTE: It got the name the" Spadena House" because Ward's wife Lillian got the house in a divorce settlement, and would ultimately marry their servant, whose last name was Spadena.

Some websites and historians refer to this house as the Spadena House. Let me explain why: Ward Lascelles wife, Lillian, divorced Ward, kept the house, and then married the house boyguestman servant, whose last name was Spadena. Spadena house halloween music 27, 2016 The Fascinating History Of The Beverly Hills 'Witch House' Also known as the Spadena House, this storybook home that was once situated on a movie studio lot and now serves as a private Oct 31, 2016 The Witch's House on Halloween Night.

The Spadena House located in Beverly Hills. Witch House, once known as the Spadena House January 23rd, 2012 Author: Kimbooly The Witch House was built in 1921 in Culver City, California and was designed by Hollywood art director Harry Oliver.

The Spadena House, aka The Witch's House, certainly stands out in Beverly Hills: the storybook home was designed by a Hollywood art director in the 1920s and looks more Hansel& Gretel than Kim& Kanye. The Spadena House, also known as The Witchs House, is a storybook house in Beverly Hills, California. Located on the corner of Walden Drive and Carmelita Avenue, it is known for its fanciful, intentionally dilapidated design, and is a landmark included on tours of the area. Fans of Halloween and retro roadside attractions alike need to stop by for a scary selfie whenever they find themselves in California.

Spadena House is a fun, free, old school place you gotta see. Just Dont pick the berries. The witch hates that. Sep 03, 2018 The location of the house cannot be missed. Very impressive desiqn, so realistic including the landscape from the inside to the street side.

Its only about 4 min drive from Rodeo drive, so check it out. The" Spadena House" AKA" The Witch's House" This is one cool mobile home. Okay it isn't exactly mobile but was moved once from Culver City in 1926 after

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