Mundo cannibal boby psicotico halloween costume

Oct 31, 2014  Ser que Boby tem docinhos para as crianas? Galera, estamos movendo TODO o nosso contedo do Mundo Canibal para Irmos Piologo e esse o motivo de estarmos On Jos e o Nen, Treco says" Mundo Canal" instead of" Mundo Canibal" On shorts like Jos is Back, Boby Psicotico e o Drogy Guaran and more, Chuq Noa (an evillike sound of an adult brazilian) says the company's name.

Find great deals on eBay for cannibal costume. Shop with confidence. The Psycho Cannibal Costume will show friends just how insane you are. The ensemble includes an orange jumpsuit, restraint mask, and button release handcuffs. Boby Psictico (Psychotic Boby) is a recurring villain from Brazilian Flash animation site Mundo Canibal, who is the protagonist of own series of shorts. Boby is a juvenile delinquent who appears to be in college. He always walks with a bloody shirt, has giant teeth and bloodshot eyes of madness.

Apr 20, 2009 Barbearia do Bob Psictico mais uma vez o gayzinhu ferado nas mos do boby

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