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The 4. 29 Halloween Whopper Sandwich features pitch black bun and is available in limited restaurants until 31 October. A regular Whopper costs 3. 79. Burger King Halloween Whopper UK Review. BK Halloween Whopper. Burger King Black Bun Burger. BK Halloween Whopper Price, Calories& Reviews. Oct 08, 2015  Watch video  That seems to be the case with Burger King's Halloween Whopper.

It turns out the most frightening part of the holiday sandwich might not be the black bun tinted with A. 1. Steak Sauce but its effect on a person's poo. BURGER KING Restaurants Tailor Japanese Flavored Bun Phenomenon to U. S. Tastes with A. 1 Sauce MIAMI September 28, 2015 BURGER KING restaurants Bk whopper halloween out the rumor about Burger King offering black hamburger buns in U.

S. stores is not just a rumor. Starting September 28, the 4. 99 Halloween Whopper will come with a black hamburger bun as a special promotion for Halloween. The buns are baked with A. 1.according to a news release. Burger King's nutrition guide also states that the flavoring and food coloring for the Halloween Whopper are 'commonly used in the industry' and meet the Food and Drug Administration's safety guidelines. Burger King recently introduced its Halloween Whopper the restaurant's signature hamburger is sporting a black bun during October.

But the sandwich packs a spooky surprise: Eating it can turn your poop green. Sep 28, 2015 Burger King unveils its blackbunned Whopper, just in time for Halloween. You don't have to go to Japan to try Burger King's blackbunned Whopper.

Burger King is bringing it to the U. S. just in time for Halloween.

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