Rs halloween event 2018 walkthrough for return

Return to the Halloween Castle. Introduction [edit edit source Reference: Announcement. Contents. 1 Introduction. 1. 1 Overview; 2nd Halloween Event. Farm the castle dungeons for skeleton keys. This page was last edited on 3 July 2018 Events refer to happenings and special limited occasions in RuneScape. Scheduled events are usually well displayed on the RuneScape homepage through banners and" Latest News". Future and current events in general are also widely documented and discussed on the RuneScape forums.

See also History OS Hallowe'en (or Halloween) event may refer to: 2001 Hallowe'en event 2002 Hallowe'en event 2003 Hallowe'en event 2005 Hallowe'en event 2006 Hallowe'en event 2007 Hallowe'en event 2008 Hallowe'en Hallowe'en event RuneScape Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Oct 19, 2017 NB! SKIP 8: 5511: 40! ! ! 2017 Halloween event guide for Runescape. Game: Old School Runescape OSRS HALLOWEEN EVENT GUIDE! posted in Video Guides: Hi im Fig and i've made a guide to help you through the Halloween event this year on OSRS!

ALSO GO TO MAKEOVER MAGE FOR GREEN SKIN BRING 3K! There are a total of 7 items you must find for the 2nd part below shows you where the items go once found, you can also Join the discussion on the official RuneScape forum. Share your thoughts with the community, ask questions, find help, learn about events and much more.

The 2017 Hallowe'en event is a holiday event taking place from 19 October 2017 to 9 November 2017. The Grim Reaper seeks your help as he senses a disturbance in the force.

head to the Apothecary and ask him about the Halloween event. If you have the tin ore, wheat, Return to the Grim Reaper to finish the event.

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